About Local Love

Hi, I'm Debbie Mast, and I'm on a mission to
live my best life… with JOY and PASSION.

And a big part of that is to serve you with joy from my kitchen to your table. Nothing fancy schmancy. Nothing exotic. This is back to our roots, local, and seasonal food.


My mission is to share with you the passion of our local farmers and their desire to work the earth and tend their livestock by bringing their products to you in delicious ways that fuel your life.


My food is a window into my everyday kitchen where flavors are layered and scents waft to entice you. I prepare freshly-made, hardy meals that offer the soul comforting warmth and tenderness of home cooking.


I invite you to come and experience this joy firsthand with Local Love's delivered meals, cooking classes, and freezer-to-table meal prep.


Let's get back to our roots, loving and living the simple pleasures of food, and bring joy and health from the farm to your table.


I can't wait to share the joy I feel when I am preparing food for others, so come and join me and let's cook to our heart’s content together!

Customer Love

"Ok, so seriously, what do I have to do to get more of your shredded potato casserole? Or can you at least give me a clue as to where your recipe comes from. It’s amazing! Not sure if you’re going to have this but it should totally be on a list that is available every week. It’s awesome for dinner but it’s also awesome for breakfast.
You absolutely do cook with flavor and bring joy. Chuck and I cannot tell you what a relief it has been to not have to figure out dinner every night. Neither one of us enjoy cooking. We cannot wait to order again. Especially knowing all the kids extra curricular(s) start next week. It will make evenings so much easier. You can expect a weekly order of 4-5 meals a week."  Laura Branch

***Local Love Response: Thank you, Laura! I would share the recipe, however this is a Local Love "signature" dish and I will DEFINITLEY be offering this often! Thanks for the LOVE and Thank you for allowing me to serve you and your family with JOY... From my kitchen to your table


"You are in for a treat if you’re about to eat anything made by Debbie! Within minutes of talking with her almost anyone can see she has a passion for cooking, but what gives her food the extra special touch is the LOVE she makes her food with! Each and every time Debbie has served me food it’s like I can feel that she made that meal with me in mind, wanting me to not only enjoy the big flavors that her food comes with but also FEEL loved and cared for and well-nourished! Her food is like a warm blanket that just wraps you up in warmth and love! And as a side note for all you salt lovers like me, I’m excited to tell you that I’ve never felt the need to add extra salt to Debbie’s food. Her cooking is on point, not only with salt but with FLAVOR!! I don’t know how she does it, but she has a gift for knowing what flavors really compliment each other to make your tastebuds explode with happiness!" - Heather Fitzgerald

***Local Love Response: Heather, THANK YOU for the LOVE! This means so much to hear that the flavors are balanced, layered and on point! Thank you for inviting me to serve you with JOY... from my kitchen to your table

"Debbie is the best cook ever. She has prepared meals for me that my family thought I had prepared, especially the Mac&Cheese and I will always take credit for it LOL. Pleasant person and don't forget to try her barbecue." - Yvonne Freeman

***Local Love Response: Yvonne- you can ALWAYS take the credit! (wink) I love to serve others and to serve others with DELISH meals brings so much JOY! Thank you for allowing me to serve you and your family with that JOY... From my kitchen to your table


I really love the strawberry jam! It’s made fresh, and it’s very delicious. Definitely recommend, and will order again." - Phonica Burt

***Local Love Response: Thank you, Phonica, for the LOVE! The jam is truly like eating fresh berries from the patch in the spring... and it goes deliciously with the homemade biscuits! I enjoy serving others with JOY... From my kitchen to your table